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RuiChen Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. It was established in 2003. It is a global supplier specializing in the R&D、production and sales of LED display cabinets. The company has a total investment of 65 million and covers an area of about 25,000 square meters. Our company is equipped with advanced production equipment、first-class design and development team and the most efficient after-sales service. the quality of products in line with national standards, and product prices is the lowest in the industry. The company’s products mainly include die-cast aluminum cabinet, outdoor iron waterproof cabinet, aluminum profile rental cabinet, stadium screen cabinet..

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    Since the epidemic, all walks of life in China have been affected to varying degrees in the past three years. Now, every cloud has a silver lining, and ISLE2023 Shenzhen Exhibition is coming as scheduled. ISLE (International Smart Display and LED Exhibition, International Audio-visual and System ...

  • LED splicing, DLP rear-projection splicing, and LCD liquid crystal splicing are divided into three parts

    LED splicing, DLP rear-projection splicing, and LCD liquid crystal splicing are divided into three parts. Among them, the LED splicing market has a strong development momentum. Its features such as no splicing, high brightness, high grayscale, high contrast, and long service life are even more im...

  • LED displays the difference between a waterproof cabinet and a simple cabinet

    What is the difference between the LED display waterproof cabinet and the simple cabinet? I believe that many friends find it difficult to make a choice, do not know which one is better and how to distinguish. Outdoor LED display screens generally use waterproof cabinets, but the indoor environme...

  • Why must outdoor full-color LED displays be made waterproof?

    According to different usage environments, LED displays are divided into indoor LED displays and outdoor LED displays. Indoor LED displays are generally installed magnetically, while outdoor LED displays must be of outdoor waterproof box type, which adds a lot of cost. Why not use a full-color LE...

  • In-depth analysis of the transparent LED screen market includes major players LG, YIPLED, Unilumin

    JCMR evaluates the transparent LED screen market, highlights opportunities, analyzes risks, and uses strategic and tactical decision support. Transparent LED screen research provides information about market trends and developments, driving factors, capacity, technology, and the changing dynamics...